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Why is Automatic Sensor UV Nail Lamp Is The Best Nail Paint Dryer To Buy Today?

Nail art is one of the most beautiful essentials for girls and women and you know gel manicures make it more elegant. But they don’t dry like normal nail polish. It makes you wait to dry and then only you can do your next work.

So ladies, here we are talking about a device that saves your time and makes you free in no time – The Automatic Sensor UV LED nail lamp it is. So let’s get started.


UV LED nail lamp is a manicure device that cures and dry your gel nail polish within few seconds. It comes with handy features like an operation button for time setting (30s/60s), a large LCD display, a detachable bottom tray, and 21 LEDs strategically placed that helps you to dry your gel nail polish faster.

The Automatic Sensor UV LED Lamp is one of my favorites which does all the works that a professional manicurist does in the salon and it is budget-friendly. Let’s dive deeper to know more about these beauty products.


The brand that makes Automatic Sensor UV LED lamps – Sanvi. This brand is authentic and well known for making a large variety of beauty products. The Automatic Sensor UV nail dryer is a device that is portable, user-friendly, and very ideal for beginner levels. This nail dryer has 21 LEDs and is well equipped with UV which helps you reduce the dry time to almost within 30 or 60 seconds.

The most important part of this Automatic Sensor UV LED nail dryer lamp is it is designed in such a way that it will not harm your eyes and skin. It is broad enough that you can put your 5 fingernails or toenails effortlessly to dry your gel polish quickly and also it’s easy to clean. Having this device will add another feather to your beauty collection.

This product has an inbuilt smart sensor and digital time display that you don’t have to do anything to dry your nail gel polish. It automatically starts once you put your hands inside and stop when you remove your hand. It’s such a user-friendly and easier to use deice.

Store2508 Professional Intelligent 48w 24 LEDs Automatic Sensor LED UV Nail Dryer Nail Curing Nail Art Lamp Manicure Pedicure Tool


  1. Get your fingernails/toenails gel polish done.
  2. Then switch on the device.
  3. Set the timer by touching the one-touch button on it.
  4. Put your hand on the tray under the device. The sensor in the device will turn on the LED automatically.
  5. Wait for the timer to stop.
  6. Then remove your hand. LED will goes off as soon as you remove your hand.

Boom!!!! It’s done! See how easy it is to operate and use. And does your job only within 60 seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeeze…


The sleek design and user-friendly Automatic Sensor UV nail lamp come with 48W high-power LEDs mounted inside it, which is designed for quicker gel drying. I really loved this product and it has saved a lot of precious time of mine. I have never gone late for the party and I feel relaxed and not in hurry for the next event as I have this device here with me to do the job before time. Its lightweight, fast action, and easy to clean. Just remember that your hand will be exposed to UV rays so always apply sunscreen on your hand.

Out of all the products in the nail lamp category, I recommend buying Automatic Sensor UV Nail Lamp because it’s worth your money, has faster action, high durability, 50,000 hours LED lifetime, high-quality plug hole with a full warranty, and broader opening to fit your hand and toe to dry all your fingers in one go.

If you are planning to add the next big thing to your beauty products, buy this pocket-friendly, fast-actioned, and durable which lasts long – Automatic Sensor UV nail lamp today. You will be amazed and surprised by this product. Check out the Automatic Sensor UV nail lamp today (Link Here).

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I write an article on recent developments in beauty products and recently read about this device on social media, so purchased this Automatic Sensor UV nail lamp, personally used it, and found it very useful that it makes me write this article and share it with you from my personal experience.

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Question: Can we use this to cure resin???
Answer: Yes you can

Question: Can we return it?
Answer: Yes I think!

Question: Can it be used to dry to normal nail paints on hands and toes too ?!!
Answer: No. This is only for UV gel nail polish.

Question: Can we use normal nail paint?
Answer: Yes you can use normal nail paint. But make sure that you apply the topcoat after the application.