Best Yoga Mat Online In India 2021

Features of Best Yoga Mat Online | Buy On Amazon
• Star rating: 4 out of 5
• Eco-friendly mat with anti-tear feature
• The nonslip surface is on a single side. Slip-resistant
• Easy to wash and clean
• Super comfortable for better exercise and yoga
• Brand: Fitness Mantra
• Shape: Rectangular
• Size:24 Inch X72 Inch
• Item weight:380g
• Material type: ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
• Made in India

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Best Yoga Mat Online Anti – Tear 6mm Thick India 2021

There is no brainer that you aren’t aware of what yoga mats are? But to make everyone more clear, yoga mats are a special type of mat designed to perform yoga. It provides the right surface and prevents the person from slipping while performing asana. Here we will know about Best Yoga Mat online In India 2021 and its features.

Anti-skid: It has an anti-skid feature that prevents the person from slipping, reducing injuries and discomfort. The slip-resistant technology or the stickiness makes enough resistance during regular yoga classes. If you sweat a lot or the room is much warmer, anti-skid yoga mats will prevent slipping down. There are a wide variety of mats available in terms of stickiness level.

Eco-friendly material: The best part about this mat is that it is an eco-friendly product that keeps the body and minds safe and tranquil. EVA recyclable yoga mat is 100% toxic-free and prevents dust and sweat to be absorbed.

Easy clean: The most asked question about yoga mats is how to clean them? Well, this yoga mat is super easy to maintain and clean. Being good moisture resistant makes cleaning easy.

Cleaning tip: To clean the mat, dip them in water and gently wash them using soap or dishwasher. Try to rub the mat with soft scrub and wash with water. Later they put the mat over the large towel and squeeze them. This will remove all the absorbed water. Then let it dry. Yes, it’s done. It’s this much easy to clean your favorite yoga mat.

Comfortable and thick: It’s highly comfortable and has better thickness for safeguarding you from injuries. It is 180cm long and 60cm wide to provide better comfort for all sizes. The 6mm thickness maintains enough sponginess for spines, elbows, knees, and hips.

Tip: Always notice the color, size, stickiness, and texture while buying a yoga mat. While selecting the perfect yoga mat, these are some of the most important things to consider.

A Fitness Mantra yoga mat is the best yoga mat brand in India that comes with a hanging strap that can be used to carry and stretch the mat.

Benefits of Yoga Mat

The first benefit of a yoga mat is to prevent slippery floors. While performing yoga our hands get wet due to sweating. This can cause our bodies to slip because of the slippery floor.

• Maintaining the right posture and sitting position is highly important to make the best out of yoga sessions. If you will not feel comfortable while stretching or asana, you end with pain. Therefore yoga mats can really help.
• Just imagine can you put your kneed or shoulders over the hard floor for an hour? You probably would answer NO. You can’t keep pushing yourself against the hard floor. That’s why yoga mats provide smooth texture and base and helps to maintain balance.
• Yoga is considered to generate different kind of energies in our body which goes from head to toe. If there’s no yoga mat, all the energy produced will be transferred to the ground. Hence yoga mats separate you from the ground.

Additional Information

Batteries Included ‎No
Brand ‎Fitness Mantra
Color ‎Blue
Included Components ‎Yoga Mat
Shape ‎Rectangle
League ‎Yoga
Material Type ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Material Composition ‎Premium Quality EVA
Number of Items ‎1
Season ‎Year-Round
Size ‎Large (24 Inch X72 Inch)
Skill Level ‎Professional
Sport ‎Yoga
Manufacturer ‎Glow India
Country of Origin ‎India


FAQs On Yoga Mat

How to use a yoga mat properly?
The more important the yoga mat is, the more important it is to use it in the right manner. If it’s not used properly it can have some negative effects on your body. If your yoga mat has a design on one side, just keep the designer face upwards. Then, if there is no difference between the two sides, or if it is the same on both sides, find which side is smooth and which is bumpy. Keep the bumpy side upwards.

When is the time to change your yoga mat?
According to professionals, a mat should be replaced after approximately eight to twelve months of use. But it depends from person to person. Like how often do you make use of it? How do you take care of it and the quality of the material?

What are the Factors to notice while replacing /buying the Best Yoga Mat online?
When you replace your current mat, try to get the similar one possible. Getting the same mat will make your practice comfortable if you were comfortable on the previous mat. Otherwise, you need to notice the texture, thickness, and cost.

Can we wash a yoga mat?
Yes, you can wash your yoga mat. Washing it on a frequent basis keeps the germs away and prevents skin infections. Use mild soap and soft scrub to wash it thoroughly. Put it in water to get rid of all dirt and bacteria. Later, dry it with a towel.

What are the features of a good yoga mat must-have?
1. Must be at least 68 inches long
2. Mats made of vinyl, PVC are much durable
3. A fine level of stickiness to prevent slipping of mat
4. Not too rough or too plain from the upward side.

Conclusion (Best Yoga Mat online India 2021)
In this product review, we have seen the Best Yoga Mat online from Fitness Mantra that has all the required features. What are its features and description in detail is clearly explained above? What are the benefits of a yoga mat and some tips? In the end, there are some FAQs to solve your major queries. Bottom line: Yoga mats are a necessity if you are serious about your health and perfecting your yoga poses.

Yoga mats are available in various brands, colors, sizes, textures, and prices. You need to check your requirement to get a perfect yoga mat. Spending a small amount to acquire the right tools to enhance motivation is crucial for maintaining good health. Start checking out a wide range of yoga mats from Fitness Mantra and start your journey of yoga. The more fit your body and mind are the better your life will be.